On this page Joanna Galbraith invites you to enjoy samples of her work. Most pieces will have been previously published but occasionally she may choose to inflict untested tales on the unwary eye! It is Joanna's intention to publish a new piece here every so often, but then it is also Joanna's intention to learn how to salsa, so given she is yet to attend a single salsa class she requests your understanding if she occasionally fails in this regard.

Secret Diary

by Joanna Galbraith

1 January

Met a man today!

He was down by the river eating a peach. He gave me a piece. Soft and sweet like his kiss.

Secret Diary was the winner of writelink Flash Fiction competition - August 2005


The Bad Egg


by Joanna Galbraith

My mother is frying an egg for Nana-Jean. She clutches onto the frypan as if it is the only thing that is able to keep her grounded to the earth. I have seen her hang onto the vacuum cleaner and the lawn mower in the same desperate way; as if these instruments of housewifery were invented solely to keep her from floating away.

The Bad Egg was first published in The Writer's Post Journal - July 2007


The Winter Goddess

by Joanna Galbraith

Barry Eshensky never bought his white goods from superstores like other people did. He preferred the dump outside town next to the seedy Tit’n Spit Burger Bar, a popular table-dancing eatery for truckies enroute to Sydney. The bar wasn’t really Barry’s scene - he was actually a 'knees' man - but unlike most of the townsfolk, the proximity of the bar and the fact that the whole area was rumoured to be an old asbestos dumping pit, didn’t put him off his weekly visits to the dump...

The Winter Goddess was the winner of the writelink winter short story competition - January 2006.