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Saw him again. He was out naming trees. Pomegranates, cypress, sycamore, myrrh.

4 January

Had dinner tonight amongst the dandelion stalks.

He held my hand and named the stars. Swoon.

6 January

First fight!

7 January

Still angry! Went out and met another man.

Long, skinny, funny tongue. Made my man seem nice!

Brought him an apple to say sorry for yelling.

8 January

Ate apple together.

Back on. Hooray!

12 January

Hips are getting fat!!!!! Made myself a baggy dress.

13 January

Oh shit!

We're being evicted.

Broke some house rule or something.

Better find Adam. Gotta be out by dusk.

© Joanna Galbraith 2010

Secret Diary

By Joanna Galbraith

1 January

Met a man today!

He was down by the river eating a peach. He gave me a piece. Soft and sweet like his kiss.

3 January